"Crocodile Swim" is an adventure


Much more than just a sea swim, “Crocodile Swim” is an adventure.

Off one of Israel’s hidden beaches, at kibbutz Ma’agan Michael, near the mouth of “Crocodile Stream” (testament to the crocodiles that inhabited it many years ago), five magical islands emerge from the bed of the Mediterranean Sea. The Crocodile Swim – Island Adventure, takes us around and between the islands, combining pristine nature with popular and competitive swims, remembering Niri and Amiram Vered.

The preparation is on you, the adventure, discovery and excitement are on us.

Timed Swims:

Long distance – 4.5 kms

Middle distance – 3 kms

Short distance – 1.5 kms

Non timed/family swim: 700 meters

Start-Finish – Maagan Michael beach.

In case of rough seas, the alternate date is September 30th, 2018, at the same times.

Forecast water temp. – 28 centigrade

4.5 KM

3 KM

1.5 KM

700 M

Timetable, start times, and Cut-off times

  • Please read the full details of the competition



Cut-Off time (after start)

Start of gathering, and receipt of participant number

06:00 am


Start 1: Long distance swim – 4.5 kms

07:10 am

2 hours

Start 2: Middle distance swim – 3 kms

07:20 am

1:30 hours

Start 3: Short distance swim – 1.5 kms

08:00 am

45 minutes

Start 4: Non-timed/Family swim – 700 meters

08:50 am


Final medal ceremony (approximate time)

10:00 am


Maagan Michael Beach

Not required

28 Degrees Centigrade

Check in the applicable box during registration

Age Categories (in the timed swims only)

Under 17Under 17

* No double prizes

** Minimum 5 participants per category

  • No wetsuits allowed
  • Swim suits – pool approved textile –
    Men – below the bellybutton and above the knee
    Women – Above the knee
  • Cut-off times –
    Long Distance (4.5 kms) – 2 hours
    Middle Distance (3 kms) – 1:30 hours
    Short Distance (1.5 kms) – 45 minutes
  • Result appeals – at the site of the swim, and up to 15 minutes prior to 09:30 a.m. No appeals will be heard after such time.
  • Trophies and medals will only be handed out on the day of the swim. A participant that does not stay for the closing ceremony will not be entitled to receive a trophy or a medal.

Electronic timing.

In case of timing with personal chips, if a participant fails to return of the chip, such participant will be charge with 50 NIS.

  • Parking – At the parking places of Maagan Michael regional school, and the kibbutz’s gymnasium.
  • Instructions – Drive on route No. 4 to the Maagan Michael interchange. Take the interchange entry west and drive to the gate Maagan Michael. Immediately after the gate, turn right and continue with the paved road until the Regional School’s parking lot.
  • Waze – Click here

Registration and Prices

  • Registration is limited to a total of 800 participants in the timed swims
  • Online registration ends on September 26th, 2018 at 10:00 am
  • On site registration – in the times swims: subject to availability
Swim DistanceEarly Registration price (until Sept. 12th at 10:00 am)Late Registration (until Sept. 26th at 10:00 am)

On Site Registation

Morning of the Swim

Long Distance 4.5 kms140 NIS160 NIS180 NIS (subject to availability)
Middle Distance 3 kms130 NIS150 NIS170 NIS (subject to availability)
Short Distance 1.5 kms100 NIS120 NIS150 NIS (subject to availability)
700 meters (non timed)50 NIS70 NIS100 NIS


Shvoong’s Cancellation Policy is in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law and its regulations.
To read the full Cancellation Policy – Click Here

In order to cancel your registration or update details for the event, click – unsubscribe – and fill out all the details.

For any change in the details of the registrant, please contact Shvoong by e-mail onlyno later than the closing Registration.

 Depending on sea conditions, the swim may be delayed to Sunday, 30th September, at the same scheduled hours, or to any later date.

No refund will be provided if the swim is delayed to an Alternative Date.

Any swimmer that could not participate due to a date change, will be entitled to receive the Crocodile Swim giveaway at Shvoong offices in Rosh Ha’ayin during working hours, up to 15 days after the Swim.

  • Prices are subject to registration at Shvoong website (registration for the event will be confirmed upon payment and receiving an order number)
  • Registration on site is available at higher cost, therefore it is recommended to register in advance
  • Payment via telephone – plus NIS 20
  • Order number and ID must be presented at reception stands.
  • If you experience difficulties in online registration, please be advised not to register via computers in workplaces ith various browsing firewall security, or try to register from another computer.

Discounts and registration for groups of over 10 participants – please contact the following link by e-mail: [email protected]

To receive the discount, enter the discount code in the appropriate field and click ‘Update Prices’.

 Without the aforementioned action, the discount will not be accepted.

Once registered, retroactive discount will not be granted.

 If you wish to cancel your registration and register again, you can do so in accordance with the cancellation policy of the event. * Discount is will be confirmed by inserting a discount code only

Please check the Swim website on the eve of the swim for possible changes in start times, that may occur due to the number of participants in each distance.

No arguments will be heard with respect to changes in the start times.

No arguments will be heard in case of a change of the date of the swim to an alternative date. No refund will be provided if the swim is delayed to an Alternative Date.


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